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A Large Assortment of Seeding Solutions

Our seed producers are selected for their proven observed regional performance based upon tests conducted in our environment’s climatic conditions. This attention to local growing conditions allows our seed suppliers to offer a variety of seeding options to maximize yield potential and minimize risk for our growers. The genetic seed-stocks available are the result of years of research conducted by both private and university studies which scientifically selected high quality hybrids with the greatest profitability potential for a variety of unique soil conditions within our region.

We will provide advice in choosing which of our wide selection of seed options is the best solution to suit your fields and production challenges. Please allow our expert staff to help with your unique requirements.

We are a dealer of seeds from: Croplan, Doeblers, Hytest, Mid-Atlantic, Rohrer and Seedway.

An assortment of hearty alternatives are available for each type of seed:

Corn Barley Alfalfa Broomegrass
Soybeans Buckwheat Clover Timothy
Wheat Rye Ryegrass Fescue
Oats Teff Orchardgrass Sorghum Sudan

We also have mixtures available for Fields, Pastures, Hay, Wildlife, Lawns and Conservation projects.

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