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Liming for Healthier Soil

Bulk & Bagged

We have Bulk Lime to correct your soil pH imbalances and offer a custom application 1 service of bulk Lime via variable spreader truck.2 Rental of our pull-behind type trailer spreaders is also available to our customers for self-application and may be picked-up or delivered to your location.2 Delivery is available to Northampton, Monroe, Bucks and Warren Counties for a nominal fee.

Bagged Lime is available in 40 lb or 50 lb bags of Pulverized, Granular, Pelletized * and Gypsum.

For larger Lawns or smaller Pastures pelletized lime is available in 1500 lb mini bulk bags. Pelletized Lime will soon be available in bulk.

1 NJ state law precludes our application of Lime within the state; however, we can deliver Lime for NJ farmers to spread themselves.
2 Four (4) ton capacity per load.


Why Lime is Important:

Increased acidification limits crop productivity. Soil pH (acidity) is an indicator as to the degree nutrients already in the soil will be available to the plant for growth. When the soil pH is too "acidic" (low pH) nutrients are “locked-up” and unavailable for microbrial activity.

Determining and maintaining the correct pH is essential for a successful growing season. Most of our region has acidic soil. This problem is further exasperated by acid rain and nitrogen fertilization. Most crops, plants and lawns thrive at the mid-point (6.5 - 7.2) of the Ph range (7.0 is neutral). A pH of 7.0 yeilds the best overall availability of key nutrients.

Adding lime is a critical component to neutralize the acidic soil's pH among other advantages such as:

  • Increases microbial activity.
  • Offsets the effects of Nitrogen fertilization and rain.
  • Replenishes Calcium removed through harvesting crops.
  • Reduces growth of certain acid-loving weeds.
  • Increases effectiveness of fertilizer and certain herbicides.
  • Supplies Calcium for legumes and alfalfa.
  • Offsets surface acid zones in low-till farming.
  • Improves the soil structure (air and water flow).
  • Accelerates the soil's natural decay system.
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