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Northampton Farm Bureau Coop. Assoc. Important Events

Important Events

  • 1917 - a delegation of Northampton County Farmers from almost every township met to hear a Pennsylvania State University professor explain the advantages of starting a local farm bureau. In partnership with Penn State the farmers organized.
  • 1917 - Northampton County Farm Bureau was established for the advancement of agriculture and to help sponsor a county extension agent.
  • 1922 - The United States Congress passes the Capper-Volstead Act allowing farmers to form cooperatives to reduce operating costs and negotiate more favorable / fairer pricing with corporate buyers.
  • 1923 - Northampton Cooperative Farmers, Inc. was established for the purpose of collectively buying supplies, feed, seed potatoes and chemicals.
  • 1932 - Northampton County Farm Bureau obtained a corporate charter.
  • 1934 - Northampton County Farm Bureau, Inc. entered the petroleum business with a $2,900 investment.
  • 1934 - Northampton Cooperative Farmers, Inc. purchased the Messinger family Grist Mill in Tatamy, PA for $6,500.
  • 1934 - In December an independent Farm Bureau was founded as the Northampton Farm Bureau Cooperative Association consolidating the Northampton County Farm Bureau, Inc and Northampton Cooperative Farmers, Inc into one organization. A store, warehouse and office were built on a bucolic pasture at Bushkill Street in Tatamy, PA along the Bushkill Creek where the company remains located to present day.
  • 1945 - In July, the Bushkill Creek flooded causing substantial damage to the grain mill and destroying the office and bulk plant. The Farm Bureau rebuilt anew the office, warehouse, and store with 15,000 square feet of floor space.
  • 1965 - The board of directors voted to reject a proposed merger with Agway which was consolidating farm cooperatives nationwide. Thirty-three statewide farm bureaus have merged with Agway. The Northampton Farm Bureau is among only a few farm bureaus in Pennsylvania to remain independent.
  • 1965 - Construction of a new bulk fertilizer blending plant significantly increased production service for area farmers.
  • 1968 - The board of directors decided it would no longer be possible to maintain an agricultural tax-exempt status due to the areas changing demographics. The Farm Bureau became a tax paying entity.
  • 1969 - Common and Preferred Stock was reissued with Common Stock only available to farmers ensuring the governance of the organization would remain true to its original principles and goals.
  • 1973 - A grain drying and grain storage facility was erected.
  • 1980's - With an increased pace of land development for urban use and a faltering agriculture industry The Bureau begins to further diversify product and service offerings.
  • 1986 - Requiring additional storage The Bureau purchased the Schoeneck hay dryer Northeast of Nazareth, PA.
  • 1987 - The feed mill operations were moved to Schoeneck and the old feed mill along the Bushkill Creek in Tatamy was closed.
  • 1996 - A new warehouse was erected in Tatamy to accommodate bulk pallet storage.
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